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Seed of Life - Double Lace Disc Bong

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Experience unparalleled craftsmanship with the 14mm Double Lace-Disc Perc Scientific Straight Tube Bong by the renowned California-based Seed of Life Glassworks. This bong is not just a smoking apparatus; it's a statement of elegance, functionality, and innovation.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy Design: The reinforced stemless design ensures durability and a smoother smoking experience.

  • Optimal Mouthpiece: The constricted mouthpiece, complemented by a flared lip, offers comfort and ease during use.

  • Advanced Diffusion: Equipped with two stacked Lace Disc Percs, this bong promises enhanced vapor diffusion for smoother, cooler hits.

  • Perfect Joints: Features a 14mm female tube joint, perfectly complemented by a 14mm male slide joint. The set also includes a three pinch bong slide for versatility.

  • Ideal Dimensions: Standing tall at 14 inches with a flared foot base diameter of 4.5 inches. (Note: Actual measurements may vary.)

  • Artistic Touch: Adorned with the Seed of Life Sandblasted logo and a beautifully sandblasted flower design on the mouthpiece, adding a touch of artistry.

Dive into a world of luxury, precision, and smooth hits with the Double Lace-Disc Perc Bong by Seed of Life Glassworks. A masterpiece for the discerning enthusiast.

    Added March 29, 2017