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Dab Rigs

If you have been introduced to the wide world of wax and dabbing, you are probably going to quickly discover you require a certain type of dab rig to enjoy your concentrates with.  Aqua Lab Technologies has a wide selection of Wax and Oil Rigs in various sizes and price points to ensure you find the perfect piece to smoke oils, waxes, shatter, hash rosin, and any other form of concentrates that can be created, from.  We offer a variety of mini and micro pendant style dab rigs from artists like PAG Glass, Hashmasta Kut, and Leisure Glass which provide a fun, wearable fashion and functionality aspect to your Dab Rig game. If you prefer something a bit more sturdy and sizable to dab your oils from, Aqua Lab Tech carries beautifully crafted Scientific and Heady Wax Rigs from popular artists such as Cheech Glass, B. Wilson Glass, and Boro Farm Glass, DC Glass, and Phat Ass Glass. Larger, heavier duty pieces featuring fancy percolations like Cirq, multi-arm, and tree styles percs are available from artists like Leisure, Seed of Life Glassworks, Cheech Glass, and Antidote Glass. If you are after something a bit more affordable and break-resistant, we carry a wide selection of acrylic and silicone bongs to choose from. Make sure you shop our selection of dab utensils, quartz bangers, and titanium concentrate nails from trusted brands like Highly Educated, and Joel Halen to complete and enjoy your Wax and Dab Rig setup.

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