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Hashmasta Kut Glass

Hashmasta Kut Glass is the inventor of the Original Titanium Curve for vaping concentrates. Before titanium and quartz concentrate nails were widely popularized, a common method for dabbing bho was to use a Vapor Curve. Also known as a 'skillet' or 'swing', these unique devices consist of 2 parts: A flat Titanium pad and a borosilicate bell shaped dome which helps to catch and retain the vapor. Simple to use, just heat the bottom of the titanium pad with a butane torch, disperse your concentrates on the top of the heated pad until they vaporize and inhale! HMK is not only limited to creating concentrate curves, he also crafts Rosin Stamps and a unique line of tiny banger hanger rigs that resemble a Sherlock style pipe with feet; Each one of these dab rigs contain an individual encased millie or marble. Shop Aqua Lab Tech's large selection of HMK Glass vapor curve dab rigs, rosin stamps, heady mini tubes, banger hangers & Ti pad curves.

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