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Eyce - Silicone Sidecar Dab Rigs

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Step into the future of dabbing with the Eyce Sidecar Bubbler Bong, an unparalleled blend of design, functionality, and resilience. Designed for connoisseurs and casual smokers alike, this rig brings together the premium features of both glass and silicone to offer an experience like no other.

Why the Eyce Sidecar Bubbler Stands Out:

  • Rotating Customizability: The Sidecar's neck effortlessly rotates, enabling you to adjust it to your personal preference and enhance your smoking experience.

  • Luxury Meets Functionality: Equipped with a high-quality 14mm Quartz Banger, a built-in concentrate container, and a carb cap, it ensures a premium dabbing experience every time.

  • Unmatched Durability: Made from platinum-cured silicone, this rig is virtually indestructible, making it perfect for both at-home and on-the-move sessions.

  • Flavorful Hits: The 14mm Quartz Banger ensures you extract the best flavor from your concentrates. Paired with the honeycomb percolator and water chamber cap, every hit is smooth and flavorful.

  • Thoughtful Design: With its heat-resistant airpath, airtight seal, and hidden tool holders, the Sidecar promises a seamless dabbing experience.

  • Stylish and Versatile: Whether you're out with friends or lounging at home, its adjustable sidecar neck mouthpiece and diverse color options ensure you do it in style.


  • Material: Crafted using top-tier platinum-cured silicone, offering durability and a high-quality feel.
  • Dimensions: Stands elegantly at a height of 6 inches with a base diameter of 3.25 inches.
  • Accessories: Comes complete with a carb cap and a stainless steel dabber tool.
  • Branding: Adorned with the Eyce logo, a mark of authenticity and unmatched quality.

If you're looking to redefine your dabbing experience with a piece that promises longevity, style, and peak functionality, the Eyce Sidecar Bubbler Bong is the rig for you. Dive into a world of superior smoking and make it yours today!

    Added February 7, 2023