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Dirty Rico - 60mm Bent Neck Bongs

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Introducing the Dirty Rico Glass 60mm Bent-Neck Bongs, an exquisite line of 15-inch stemless water pipes that redefine elegance and functionality in smoking accessories. These bongs boast a distinctive bent neck design, not only adding to their aesthetic appeal but also enhancing usability by providing a more comfortable smoking position. At the heart of each bong lies the innovative Apocoline Tree Perc, available in both Regular and Inverted styles, designed to deliver a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience by efficiently filtering and cooling the smoke.

Each bong is equipped with an 18mm ground female joint, complemented by an 18mm 4-pinch flower slide that features a wide handle for easy manipulation. This thoughtful inclusion ensures that you can start enjoying your bong immediately upon unboxing, without the need for any additional setup. Crafted with passion and precision, all Dirty Rico glass pipes are handblown from the highest quality borosilicate glass, known for its durability and heat resistance, ensuring that each piece is a lasting investment.

Key Features of the Bong:

  • A stemless water chamber coupled with a gracefully bent neck, offers both visual appeal and ergonomic comfort during use.
  • A splash-less design, ingeniously crafted to prevent water from splashing into the mouth, ensuring a clean and pleasant smoking experience.
  • The bong joint features an 18mm ground female configuration, providing a secure and stable connection for the included 4-pinch flower slide.
  • The Gridded Apocoline Tree Perc, available in your choice of Regular or Inverted options, stands as a testament to Dirty Rico's commitment to delivering superior smoke filtration and cooling.
  • The 18mm 4-pinch flower slide is designed for convenience, featuring a wide handle for easy handling and filling.
  • Main Tube Diameter: 60mm, offering a generous airflow for deep, satisfying hits.
  • Approximate bong height: 15 inches, making it a prominent and impressive piece in any collection.
  • Flared base diameter: 6.5 inches, ensuring stability and preventing tipping.
  • Adorned with the iconic Black Dirty Rico logo, signifying quality and craftsmanship.
  • Proudly made in Oregon, U.S.A., each bong is a piece of American craftsmanship, supporting local artisans and the glassblowing community.

The Dirty Rico Glass 60mm Bent-Neck Bongs are not merely functional items but works of art, meticulously designed to provide an unparalleled smoking experience. Whether you're a seasoned aficionado or a newcomer to the world of water pipes, these bongs are sure to impress with their performance, beauty, and quality, making them a must-have addition to any collection.

Added January 7, 2020