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Ace-Labz | 5-Star Titan-Bowl

Choose Your Joint Size 18mm Black
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Introducing the 5-Star Titan-Bowl, the ultimate smoking accessory that will revolutionize your smoking experience. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, this indestructible bowl is the perfect fit for your favorite glass or silicone water pipe, ensuring a cool and smooth smoking session like no other.

Experience the difference with the Titan-Bowl's built-in honeycomb screen, which guarantees a clean and enjoyable smoke every single time. Say goodbye to clogged pipes and hello to effortless draws.

Cleaning your bowl has never been easier. Thanks to its smooth, non-stick finish, you can effortlessly maintain the Titan-Bowl's pristine condition with a simple wipe down using alcohol. No more tedious scrubbing or soaking required!

Rest assured that you're investing in the highest quality product. Proudly made in the U.S.A. and certified with ISO EN 9001 quality standard, the 5-Star Titan-Bowl is built to last. Packaged in its original box, this classic black bowl adds a touch of elegance to your smoking collection.

Upgrade your smoking game with the durable and reliable Titan-Bowl. Its 18mm or 14mm male slide joint ensures a snug fit with your preferred water pipe, while its food-grade and aircraft-grade construction guarantees longevity. The Ace-Labz logo is a seal of excellence that signifies top-notch craftsmanship and design.

Elevate your smoking experience with the 5-Star Titan-Bowl. Get your hands on this premium accessory and discover the true meaning of smooth, effortless smoking. Order yours today and take your smoking sessions to new heights!

Bong Bowl Features:
  • Indestructible bong bowl
  • 5 Star Screen bowl design
  • Slide joint: 18mm or 14mm male joint options
  • Food-grade and aircraft-grade
  • Easy to clean smooth matte finish
  • Suggested to clean with rubbing alcohol
  • Available in Black and Silver
  • Ace-Labz logo
  • Designed in the U.S.A.

Added February 27, 2023