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Dark Crystal - 30ml Clear Polishing Drops

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Introducing the new 30ml Clear Polishing Drops from Dark Crystal Glass. This new, smaller bottle of their revolutionary glass cleaning solution will quickly and easily clean your warm quartz bangers after a sesh to help maintain the integrity and appearance of your concentrate nail. The polishing drops also work well on glass, ceramic, acrylic and standard non-colored titanium surfaces to help remove any leftover gunk and carbon buildup. The dripper tip provides precise application for smaller smoking accessories, and is ideal for cleaning vape tanks, coils and atomizer pieces. Made from 100% plant based and renewable sources, this cleaning solution is non-toxic, phosphate-free, odorless and comes in a convenient and pocket sized ready to use dripper tip bottle. Shop our selection of bong and wax rig cleaning solution products from Dark Crystal Glass at Aqua Lab Technologies today. 

Glass Cleaner Features:

  • Smaller 30ml bottle design
  • Dripper tip for precise application
  • Perfect for cleaning warm quartz bangers
  • Safe for glass, ceramic, acrylic and non-colored titanium
  • Remove dripper tip to dip your q-tip in the solution
  • Ideal for cleaning vape pen tanks, coils and atomizers
  • Made from 100% plant-based materials
  • Contains no phosphates and is non-toxic
  • Cleaning solution is odorless
  • Derived from renewable sources
  • Product is safe for the ozone layer
  • Easy, and ready to use dripper bottle
  • Complete height: 3.50 inches
  • Made in Canada

Added October 2, 2017

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    Scotty S.

    Works like a charm

    I use this for my ruby insert, allowing it to cool just enough to avoid thermal shock and shatter then fillin-er-up wait up to an hour usually then wash out clean and easy with some hot water. Sometimes it need to soak overnight but really a great product for inserts and bangers

    Ryan D.

    Amazing stuff

    I didn't purchase from ALT, but I did acquire a bottle of this stuff a month or two ago. I started using it on a brand new 1/4" grail ****** and the nail is absolutely sparkling as if it has never been used. After ever dab I wait until the nail is about ~200F (according to my infrared thermometer), and I squirt a little bit into the bottom. I use a few qtips and proceed to scrub the ****** walls and bottom, and make sure that I'm getting in the crevice. Even if you qtip the ****** clean prior, you can see the qtips coming out dirty. I accidentally chazzed a nail, so I squirted some in and it took the grit right off before it set into the quartz. Just make sure you use when the ****** is still warm, or warm it up first. Highly recommended.

    Abby H.

    Love this stuff!

    I admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but this stuff rocks! We now use it religiously, it cleans out the little bits you can't see you missed! Love it!

    Derrick C.

    Great for quartz nails!!!

    Great for quartz nails!!!

    John H.

    Great for bangers

    Just soak and wipe good to go way better than 91 % alcohol