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PieceMaker - Stainless Steel Bowl

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Rejuvenate your Piecemaker Gear pieces with the Stainless Steel Replacement Bong Bowl, which is perfectly tailored for their silicone bongs and pipes. These bowls are crafted from food-grade material and ensure a clean, uncompromised smoking experience. Available in medium sizes, they're affordably priced, effortless to clean, and simple to insert or remove. Whether for Karma, Klutch, Kolt, or Kahuna, there's a fit for every need. DivTechnologies'ab Technologies' extensive range of Silicone Pipes, Bongs, and Accessories from PieceMaker ensures every session is as fresh as the first.

Replacement Bowl Features:

  • Deep, multi-hole push bowl for even burning.
  • SpecificalPiecemaker'sfor Piecemaker's collection.
  • Two sizes: Medium (commonly used, fits Karma, Klutch, Kazili, and more)
  •                     Large (for Kahuna and Konjurer).
  • Economical and straightforward to maintain.
  • Premium, food-grade stainless steel composition.
  • User-friendly design for easy insertion and removal.

With this essential upgrade, you can rediscover the original smoothness of your sessions. Keep the quality, and lose the complications.

    Added November 24, 2017