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ROOR® Tech - 18mm Barrel Ash Catcher

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Introducing the ROOR® Tech Barrel Perc Ash Catcher, a premium accessory to enhance your bong or water pipe sessions. This high-quality ash catcher adds an extra layer of diffusion and keeps your piece cleaner by trapping ash and smoke debris.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Filtration: The reinforced Barrel Percolator ensures superior smoke diffusion, making each draw smoother and cleaner.
  • Perfect Angle: Designed with a 90-degree joint angle, it fits seamlessly with most bongs and water pipes.
  • High-Quality Joints: Features 18mm ground joints for a secure and stable connection.
  • Ready to Use: Comes with an 18mm Pinch Slide, allowing for immediate use upon arrival.
  • Compact Design: At 6 inches high and 2.5 inches in base diameter, this ash catcher is both effective and space-efficient.
  • Authentic ROOR® Tech Craftsmanship: Each piece boasts the registered ROOR® Tech label, symbolizing quality and authenticity.
  • Serial Number Authenticator: A unique serial number tag confirms its genuine ROOR® origin.
  • Locally Made: Proudly handcrafted in California, U.S.A., ensuring top-notch quality and durability.

The ROOR® Tech Barrel Perc Ash Catcher is not just an accessory; it's an essential upgrade for any enthusiast seeking a cleaner, more enjoyable smoking experience. Add this to your setup and witness the difference in quality and performance.

    Added March 25, 2022