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Kasher - Multi Purpose Poker Tool with ALT Logo

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Show your appreciation for bong company Aqua Lab Technologies with a custom engraved Kasher Plus Multi-Purpose Poker Tool with ALT logo on the back. The Kasher Plus is a revolutionary multipurpose tool that fits snugly over any standard Bic lighter. No need to carry a pipe cleaning tool separate from your lighter. The Kasher is always there when you need it. The Kasher is made from stainless steel and while durable, it also easily tightens up for a constantly perfect fit. This simple sleek design is also very functionally diverse and works great for many non-tobacco related purposes.

*Lighter not Included

Poker Tool Features:

  • Custom Engraved Aqua Lab Technologies Logo
  • Fits Snugly Over any Standard Bic Lighter
  • Poke, Stir, Clean Virtually any Smoking Device Known to Man
  • Pack the Tip of any Roll Your Own
  • Resets Electronic Devices
  • Opens Packages
  • Many Other Non-Tobacco Uses
  • Complete Length: 2.75 inches
  • Color: Aqua with White Logo
  • Made in the USA