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Payload Bags - Rosin Pressing Screen

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Elevate your solventless extraction experience with the Rosin Pressing Screens by Payload Bags. Specifically designed for those who value purity and efficiency, these screens are your go-to for crafting fresh Rosin or solventless hash oil. Just encase your choice of flower, hash, or kief within the screen, apply heat, and watch as the oil seamlessly separates from the cannabis material.

Key Features of the Rosin Screen:

  • Heat Resilience: Crafted to withstand high temperatures, ensuring a consistent and clean press every time.
  • Precision Micron Size: Boasting a 25µ micron size, it's fine-tuned for optimal extraction.
  • Generous Dimensions: Available in a large size measuring 23-inch x 13-inch, it's perfect for both small and bulk pressing.
  • Distinctive Design: Adorned with a striking red trim, it's not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned extractor, the Rosin Pressing Screens by Payload Bags are a must-have addition to your extraction toolkit. Experience the difference in quality and yield with every press.

    Added March 9, 2017