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MNP Glass - Heady Sherlock Dry Pipes

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Discover the unique craftsmanship of MNP Glass with our Heady Sherlock Dry Pipes. Each pipe is a bespoke masterpiece, showcasing the iconic Sherlock style, adorned with intricate wig-wag patterns. The distinctive long, curved mouthpiece unmistakably marks it as a Sherlock, ensuring a standout piece in your collection. Designed for convenience, it features a carb hole on the left and is embellished with three millie attachments on the right for an added touch of artistry.

Key Features of the Sherlock Pipe:

  • Single-hole push bowl for easy use
  • Strategically placed carb hole on the left for optimal airflow
  • Decorative millie attachments on the right side
  • Signature long, curved mouthpiece characteristic of the Sherlock design
  • Eye-catching wig-wag patterns
  • Customizable glass colors to suit your style
  • Authentically signed by MNP with the Ti-signature, dated 2021
  • Proudly crafted in Washington, U.S.A.

Elevate your glass collection with an MNP Glass Heady Pipe, symbolizing sophistication and unparalleled craftsmanship.

     Added September 24, 2021