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Highly Educated - 25mm Quartz Gavel SE

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The Highly Educated Gavel SE arrives as a pinnacle of quartz banger technology. This innovative banger not only elevates the quality and functionality of its predecessors but introduces the cutting-edge Surface Enhanced quartz floor, revolutionizing the efficiency of the vaporization process.

Key Features:

  • Surface Enhanced Quartz Floor: Engineered for superior vaporization efficiency, the Gavel SE's quartz floor enhances surface-free energy, reduces liquid surface tension, and promotes rapid evaporation, ensuring an unparalleled dabbing experience.

  • Durability and Easy Maintenance: Designed for exceptional durability and ease of cleaning, the Gavel SE simplifies maintenance. Highly Educated recommends iso-alcohol and dry cotton swabs, like Glob Mops, for optimal care.

  • Innovative Wet/Dry Engraving: The unique bottom engraving becomes visible through the bucket when wet and is hidden when dry, thanks to the refracting light's opacity, adding an intriguing aesthetic element.

  • High-Quality Construction: Made from 99.9% pure quartz, this 100% American-made banger is a testament to premium quality. The extra thick clear quartz bottom ensures lasting performance.

  • Efficient Design: Featuring a 25mm diameter bucket, fully worked seals with beveled edges, a 55-degree angle option, and chamfered edges, the Gavel SE is optimized for efficiency and ease of use.

  • 10mm Male Joint Size: Perfectly sized with a 10mm male joint, the Gavel SE fits a wide range of rigs, making it a versatile choice for dab enthusiasts.

  • Distinctive Branding: Each banger showcases a laser-engraved Highly Educated logo, marking its authenticity and quality.

  • Proudly Made in Utah, U.S.A.: Embodying American innovation and excellence, the Gavel SE is crafted with pride in Utah.

Elevate your dabbing sessions with the Highly Educated Gavel SE. Experience the future of vaporization efficiency and quality with this advanced quartz banger.

    Added September 1, 2021