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Joel Halen - Round Bottom Banger

Choose Your Bucket & Glass Joint Size 25mm 14mm Male
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Introducing the Halen Round Bottom Bangers by Joel Halen – a testament to the fusion of exceptional craftsmanship and high-end functionality in the world of dabbing. Renowned for his authentic, pure quartz dab utensils, Joel Halen brings you a product that stands out in both quality and performance.

Exquisite Features of the Halen Round Bottom Bangers:

  • Authentic Joel Halen Quartz: Each banger is crafted from genuine Joel Halen quartz, ensuring a premium and pure dabbing experience. The commitment to quality is evident in every piece.

  • 100% American Made: Proudly made in the USA, these quartz bangers embody the spirit of American craftsmanship. Manufactured in Colorado, they represent a standard of quality and durability that is hard to match.

  • Innovative Design: The flat top and round bottom design is not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional. The round bottom allows for increased airflow and volume, enhancing the flavor profiles of your rosin, oils, shatter, or wax.

  • Size Variations for Your Preference: Choose between a 25mm or 30mm diameter bucket to suit your dabbing needs. Whether you prefer a more compact size or an XXL quartz bucket, we have you covered.

  • Optimal Heating and Heat Retention: These bangers are designed for faster heating and excellent heat retention. This means achieving the perfect low temp dab is easier and more consistent, every time.

  • Efficient and Easy Cleaning: The beveled, round bottom isn't just for looks – it makes cleaning your banger after each dab a breeze. Mopping up has never been more efficient.

  • Customized Fit: Available with a 90-degree angle and either a 10mm or 14mm male joint, these bangers are designed to fit seamlessly with your existing setup.

  • No Maria Handle (not shown in photos)

  • Signature Engraved HBr Logo: Each banger features the engraved HBr logo, a mark of authenticity and quality from Joel Halen.

  • Butane Torch Requirement: To ensure optimal performance, these quartz bangers require the use of a butane torch, allowing for precise temperature control.

Why Choose Joel Halen Round Bottom Quartz Bangers?

For the discerning dabber, the Halen Round Bottom Bangers are more than just a tool – they are a statement of quality and dedication to the art of dabbing. Joel Halen's commitment to using 100% pure American quartz and his attention to detail in design make these bangers a must-have for anyone serious about their dabbing experience. Elevate your sessions with the unmatched quality and performance of Joel Halen's Round Bottom Quartz Bangers.

    Added March 23, 2019