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MK100 Glass - 14mm Reclaim Catcher

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This lightweight, quality reclaim catcher from MK Glassworks features two ground 14mm joints and sits at a 90º angle with an MK Glass logo on the body. The MK Glass reclaim catcher keeps your 14mm dab rig or bong clean by catching all the leftover concentrate reclaim that is not fully vaporized from your dab. The removable silicone chamber makes retrieving your reclaim and cleaning the catcher super easy. A matching silicone lid is included.

Reclaim Catcher Features:

  • Reclaim catcher
  • Removable bottom
  • 90º joint angle
  • 14mm ground joints
  • Scientific Glass Accessory
  • Removable silicone bottom with lid
  • Approximate height: 4 inches
  • Base diameter: 2 inches
  • Actual sizes may vary
  • Colors may vary from photos
  • MK Glass logo

Added July 12, 2022