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RAW Papers - 3 Meter Organic King Size Roll

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Discover a new level of authenticity in your smoking experience with RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers. These papers redefine purity and craftsmanship, setting a standard unlike any other rolling paper. Available in King Size Wide 3-meter rolls, each paper is meticulously watermarked to prevent runs and ensure the signature even-burning quality that RAW Papers are renowned for.

What sets RAW Organic Rolling Papers apart is their dedication to the true essence of smoking. Crafted from organic fibers, they offer a less processed and more genuine rolling paper that elevates your smoking ritual. With each draw, you're savoring your favorite smoke in its purest, most unadulterated form.

Designed for discerning smokers, these papers come in convenient packs with one roll per pack. Each roll measures an impressive 3 meters (9 feet), giving you ample supply for extended sessions. As an added testament to quality, RAW Organic Rolling Papers are proudly made in Spain, a country known for its rich history in craftsmanship.

Experience the remarkable difference of RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers and embrace the purity of your smoke like never before. Elevate your smoking ritual to an unmatched level of satisfaction, authenticity, and quality.

Rolling Paper Feature:

  • Organic Fibers
  • King Size Wide
  • Smoking Accessories
  • One roll per pack
  • Roll Size: 3 meters or 9 feet
  • Made in Spain

Added on August 10, 2023