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ROOR - 18/18mm Gridded Downstems

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Upgrade your smoking experience with the ROOR® Replacement X-Cut Grid Glass Downstems. Designed for versatility, these high-functioning downstems fit most standard bongs, bubblers, and water pipes that require an 18/18mm fitting.

Experience superior percolation and improved airflow with the X-Cut Grid downstems, featuring multiple diffusion slits and quality boro glass construction. Our downstems are handblown in California from premium American borosilicate glass, ensuring a top-quality product that will enhance your smoking game.

The gridded base at the tip of the downstem increases diffusion per hit, resulting in a smoother hit every time. Plus, the low-profile design makes this downstem a sleek and stylish addition to any water pipe.

Whether you're looking to upgrade or replace your current downstem, the ROOR® Replacement X-Cut Grid Glass Downstems are a must-have accessory for any smoking connoisseur. Choose from a variety of lengths with a white ROOR® logo to fit your specific water pipe.

Don't settle for a subpar smoking experience – elevate your game with the ROOR® Replacement X-Cut Grid Glass Downstems today. Order now and experience the difference for yourself!

Downstem Features:

  • 18/18mm diffused downstem
  • Bong Downstems
  • Bong joint fitting: 18mm
  • Slide joint fitting: 18mm
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Grid X-Cut Diffuser tip
  • Variety of lengths available
  • White ROOR® logo
  • Made in California, U.S.A.

    Note: All downstems are measured from the top of the ground joint to the end of the diffusion tip. Please see our diagram in the listing for complete downstem measuring instructions.

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