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Ben Wilson - Colored Disc Percolator Bongs

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Elevate your smoking experience with the Triple Donut Disc Percolator Bongs from the renowned Ben Wilson Glass collection. The immaculate combination of a clear water chamber, a distinctive triple donut splash guard, and a 2-slit disc percolator guarantees smooth and filtered hits each time you indulge. Handcrafted in Southern California, this American gem not only boasts intricate craftsmanship but also stands as a symbol of premium quality.

Why Ben Wilson Glass Bong Stands Out:

  • Innovative Design: The fixed tube is ingeniously designed with a Triple Donut chamber, ensuring an effortless draw and exquisite diffusion.

  • Exceptional Percolation: Featuring a Double Slit Disc Diffuser Percolator, every toke is finely filtered, elevating your experience.

  • Robust & Stable: Crafted using high-quality colored and clear boro glass, with a flared base ensuring stability. It's not just beautiful but built to last.

  • Complete Set: Comes with a 14mm matching disc screen bowl, making it ready to use right out of the box.

  • Signature Touch: The bong is adorned with the unique B. Wilson logo millie marble, a testament to its authenticity.

Bong Specifications:

  • Fixed tube with an innovative Triple Donut chamber design
  • Efficient Double Slit Disc diffuser percolator
  • 14mm reinforced female joint for durability
  • Bong height: 10 inches, with a 6.5-inch height to the top of the slide
  • Stable 4-inch flared base diameter
  • Handcrafted excellence from Southern California, U.S.A.

Step into a world of smooth, unparalleled smoking sessions with the Ben Wilson Glass Triple Donut Disc Perc Bong. When quality meets craftsmanship, the result is nothing short of perfection.

    Added September 21, 2023

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