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Cheech y Chong - Mini Pedro Water Pipes

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The Cheech y Chong Pedro Water Pipe Bong from glass company Famous Brandz. This beaker-shaped mini bong includes a flared foot base and colored neck, the bong's fixed Diffused Downstem Perc is a worked multi-slit wheel perc with Cheech y Chong Up in Smoke logo along the front of the piece. This diffused mini bong includes a matching one-hole funnel slide with a handle attached for easy cleaning and accessibility. Rep your favorite old-school celebrity stoners with our line of officially licensed Cheech y Chong products from Famous Brandz Glass and 2016 Paramount Pictures.

Bong Features:
  • Wide worked mouthpiece
  • Perc: Fixed multi-slit wheel perc
  • Bong Joint: 14mm female
  • Beaker design
  • Includes one-hole funnel slide
  • Bowl joint: 14mm male
  • Scientific Glass
  • The measurement from base to mouthpiece: 8.25 inches
  • Length of mouthpiece: 4 inches
  • Flared base diameter: 4.75 inches
  • Perc Colors Available: Purple and Pink
  • Actual measurements may vary
  • Logo: Cheech y Chong Up in Smoke
  • 2016 Paramount Pictures

Added April 5, 2017