Gack Attack

Gack Attack - Eight Piece Brush Pack

When cleaning your water pipes or hookahs, there are plenty of places where the resin will not leave. You can soak and shake forever and nothing changes. But with the Gack Attack unique brush pack, all the resin disappears. The Gack Attack cleaning kit contains an extra long brush with a radial tip to scrub, a smaller brush to get through the ice catchers and pinches and a perfect size brush for cleaning slides and tubes. The kit also contains a one of a kind pipe pick and perfect size rubber plugs to plug the joints making the job even easier.

Brush Kit Features:

  • All brushes are made of nylon and have twisted wire handles
  • Specifically designed for cleaning glass smoking accessories
  • Made in the USA
Cleaning Utensils Included:
  • 18.0" Round head brush
  • 12.0" Flat head brush
  • 8.0" Round tip brush
  • 18mm Rubber stopper
  • 14mm Rubber stopper 
  • 10mm Rubber stopper
  • Mama hemp custom pipe pick
  • Funk-proof resealable bag