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Do you love taking dabs but hate cleaning your quartz dab bangers? Do you want a faster, easier way to keep them clean without the hassle?

Are you tired of worrying about scratching your quartz on the glass? Are you annoyed by getting ISO on your fingers while retrieving nails and struggling to retrieve pearls and pillars from the dirty ISO?

Introducing the Classic Banger Basket V3!

Banger Basket Features:

  • Glass Bottom: Durable and easy to clean.
  • Plastic Sealable Lid: Keeps ISO smell contained and perfect for traveling.
  • Two-Compartment Split Container: Organized for efficiency.
  • Two 3D-Printed Banger Baskets: One for each side of the container.
  • Dividing Ridges in Banger Baskets: Allows two nails to soak without touching.
  • Convenient Handle: Keeps your hands clean and dry.
  • Scratch-Free Design: Prevents nails from getting scratched while in the basket.
  • Made in Canada

How It Works:

  1. Prepare the Bath:

    • Fill both sides of the container with your preferred cleaning solution.
  2. Soak Your Nail:

    • After dabbing, place your dirty nail into the larger side of the bath (Soak Side).
    • Ensure the nail is below 300°F to avoid thermal shock.
  3. Clean Your Nail:

    • After soaking, use the hand tab to pull the basket out of the solution.
    • Rotate the larger basket 90º to suspend it above the bath.
    • Transfer your nail from the soak basket to the rinse basket.
    • Use a Glob Mop to remove any excess oil or particulates.
    • Once clean, use a microfiber cloth to wipe off the excess cleaning solution. Your nail is now ready for its next dab.
  4. Maintain the Solution:

    • Once the solution in the "rinse side" is too dirty, use a turkey baster to transfer it to the "soak side."


  • Ensure your basket is full of solution and the nails are BELOW 300°F before placing them in the basket to avoid melting the plastic.
  • We use 99% ISO in our bath as our solution. ISO is explosive and volatile. Due to the explosive fumes, keep the tub closed when not in use, and never use a flame in a small room or near the tub.
  • Place the basket on a placemat, as the solution can spill and damage the surface underneath.
  • Each basket is 3D printed and hand-finished with a unique finish.

With the Classic Banger Basket V3, enjoy cleaner quartz bangers with less effort, making your dabbing experience smoother and more enjoyable!

Added on December 29, 2022