Banger Basket

LeGrow Creative Studios is proud to offer innovative and functional Banger Basket ISO Dunk Tanks to the dabbing community. These tanks are available in a variety of colors and have become a must-have tool for every serious dabber. With the Banger Basket, you no longer have to worry about your quartz bangers getting scratched on the glass. It is the perfect tool to clean your dirty quartz bangers and keep them in pristine condition.

The Banger Basket ISO Dunk Tanks is the first two-stage iso bath quartz banger and accessories cleaning tool, making it an ideal accessory for any dabbing enthusiast. The two-stage cleaning process ensures that all impurities and resin buildup are effectively removed, leaving your quartz bangers looking like new.

Say goodbye to chazzed quartz bangers and hello to a cleaner and more enjoyable dabbing experience with the Banger Basket ISO Dunk Tank. Pick one up today and enjoy the convenience and effectiveness of this game-changing tool.

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Banger Basket

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Banger Basket - Dunk Station

Banger Basket
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