My Weigh - Triton T2 Digital Scale - 550g

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The Triton T2 is a classic design pocket scale. It's thin, durable and accurate. Although this scale is small, it's cover can be used as an expansion tray to make the weighing platform larger then most table-sized scales. The resilient integrated ribbed poly-case and 5PPS* makes it more durable then any other scale in it's class. The Triton is a classic design and is both very durable and very accurate.

 Digital Scale Features:

  • Reads up to 550 grams with 0.1 gram accuracy
  • Exclusive 5PPS overload protection
  • Batteries included
  • Proven long-term durability and reliability
  • Full tare feature
  • Auto Calibration and zero tracking
  • Built in ABS polymer hard cover with non-slip grip-ribs for easy holding and handling
  • Cover doubles as a large expansion tray
  • Lifetime replacement Warranty-CE
  • Ultra low cost
  • Durable & accurate
  • Large rubber soft-touch keys
  • Extra-Large BACKLIT LCD display
  • Magnetic cover-clasp prevent accidental opening