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Cannador is a finely crafted cannabis humidor designed to preserve your top shelf bud by maintaining freshness, flavor, and quality by controlling humidity at the perfect ratio. Cannador is a premium storage brand made with the connoisseur in mind, focusing on a quality, functional design. 

The best marijuana storage box for short and long-term storage, Cannador preserves your top shelf herb by controlling humidity at the perfect ratio to maintain freshness, density, and taste. Clear glass jars and clear plastic containers let in UV light, which damages the trichomes that contain cannabinoids. A dark and controlled humid environment such as Cannador is ideal. The interior is made of solid mahogany versus cedar. Mahogany better controls humidity and does not produce any residue or odors and oils that cedar imparts. It is also resistant to swelling and shrinking under changes in relative humidity providing stability for the long term. Cannador comes in two finishes: Cherry or Walnut.

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