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Oil Slick - Slick Wrap 12" x 600"

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Discover the Slick Wrap by Oil Slick, a revolutionary solution for anyone seeking a high-quality disposable wrap with exceptional non-stick properties. Slick Wrap is Oil Slick's innovative answer to nonstick paper, designed specifically for botanical extracts.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Dual-Sided Design: Slick Wrap features a unique combination of foil on one side and ultra-smooth parchment on the other. This design not only ensures superior non-stick performance but also maintains the wrap's shape when folded.

  • Exceptional Non-Stick Surface: Slick Wrap stands out as the most non-stick wrap available on the market, making it ideal for handling a variety of botanical extracts without any hassle.

  • Safe and Chemical-Free: Unlike many standard culinary papers, Slick Wrap is completely “Quilon Free” and BPA Free, ensuring that your extracts remain uncontaminated and pure.

  • Generous Size: Each roll provides 50 feet of Slick Wrap, equivalent to approximately 7000 1.00” squares, offering ample supply for your needs.

  • Foil Backing: The foil backing is not just for structural integrity; it helps keep your Slick-Wrap neatly folded, adding convenience to its list of benefits.

  • Developed with Expertise: Designed and researched in Washington, Slick Wrap is a product of extensive expertise in the field of botanical extracts.

  • Quality Manufacturing: Proudly made in Belgium, Slick Wrap is a testament to superior manufacturing practices, ensuring a high-quality product that meets your needs.

Slick Wrap by Oil Slick is more than just a disposable wrap; it's an essential tool for anyone dealing with botanical extracts. Its superior non-stick surface, safety features, and convenient design make it a must-have in your toolkit.

    Added on June 10, 2013