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Discover the freedom of blazing your own trails with the PieceMaker Gear Kermit Silicone Bong – a true marvel of smoking innovation.

🔥 Unleash the Unbreakable 🔥

Crafted from FDA-approved food-grade silicone, the Kermit Silicone Bong is a testament to durability. Say goodbye to fragile glass and hello to a virtually indestructible water pipe that can withstand life's adventures.

💧 Smooth Hits Every Time 💧

Designed for the discerning smoker, this water pipe features an ice catcher/splash guard, ensuring each inhale is as smooth as silk. The removable silicone diffused downstem, paired with the 18mm female joint, delivers a filtered and delightful smoking experience.

🍃 Quality Meets Convenience 🍃

Equipped with a medium filtered flower bowl and a SAE 304 stainless steel removable screen, the Kermit Silicone Bong ensures your herbs are treated with the utmost respect. The spill-proof lid and carb hole on the back of the neck add a layer of convenience that's hard to beat.

🌬️ Easy to Clean and Travel With 🌬️

Life is meant to be enjoyed, not spent cleaning up. That's why the Kermit Silicone Bong is not only a breeze to clean but also travel-friendly. Height to top of mouthpiece is 11-inches. Its flared foot base works like a suction cup, ensuring stability, and the 5-inch flared base diameter means it's as practical as it is portable.

👣 Leave Your Mark 👣

Emblazoned with the iconic PieceMaker Gear logo, this water pipe is a statement piece. It's a symbol of your adventurous spirit and your commitment to quality.

Don't settle for mediocrity when you can experience the best. Blaze your own trails with the PieceMaker Gear Kermit Silicone Bong, and redefine your smoking ritual.

🌟 Ready to Elevate Your Experience? 🌟

Unlock a world of durability, convenience, and quality. The Kermit Silicone Bong is here to take your smoking journey to new heights. Get yours today and experience the PieceMaker Gear difference.

    Added July 26, 2016