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Quave CB - 14/90 XXL Quartz Charmer

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 Quave Charmers are made from pure quartz, with an etched graphic application that adds a touch of elegance to your dabbing experience. Each Charmer comes with a cone, cap, and terp pearl, so you can start enjoying your concentrates right away.

The 14/90 Quave Charmer is the perfect addition to your dab rig, delivering exceptional performance and consistency. The innovative airflow design ensures a smooth and even rip every time, while the narrow angled holes in the quartz dish create a vortex that maximizes the surface area of your concentrates for a superior dabbing experience. Plus, the beveled edge on the bucket adds to the functionality and style of this banger.

For those who demand the very best, we've upgraded our XXL Charm design to offer even more space for your concentrates. Made from 100% quartz for the best possible flavor, this banger boasts an intricate etched pattern that demonstrates our commitment to quality. The frosted joint adds a touch of style, while the bevel top, 14mm male joint, and 90-degree angle ensure a perfect fit with your rig.

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Quartz Banger Features:

  • High-end quality quartz
  • 100% American Made 
  • Beveled edge 
  • XXL size
  • 2mm wall thickness
  • 4mm flat bottom
  • 25mm buckets size
  • 90 Degree angle
  • 14mm joint 
  • Cone, cap, and Terp Pearl included
  • Etched graphic on bucket bottom
  • Requires use of a butane torch
  • Made in Washington, U.S.A.

Added February 17, 2023