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Revere Glass - Custom Concentrate Dish # 18

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Step into the world of luxury with the Revere & Sachiko Glass custom concentrate dish. Crafted with precision in the heart of California, U.S.A., this dish embodies the pinnacle of artistry and functionality.

Key Features:

  • Signature of Excellence: Each dish is meticulously signed with a Ti Pen by the esteemed artists, Revere 2011 & Sachiko, marking its authenticity and distinction.

  • Tailored Specifications: Weighing at 30.9 grams and designed with a 2-inch diameter and a depth of 0.5 inch, this dish is the epitome of perfection for your concentrate needs.

  • Masterful Craftsmanship: Every facet of this dish showcases the dedication and expertise of its creators, ensuring a lasting durability and unmatched elegance.

Experience the allure and sophistication of the Revere & Sachiko Glass concentrate dish, an essential for those who appreciate the art of fine living.

Added on June 10, 2013