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B. Wilson - Triple Donut Inline Bong

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Introducing the Clear Triple Donut Inline Bong by B. Wilson Glass – a testament to innovation and sophistication, meticulously crafted to redefine your smoking experience. This bong embodies a compact straight tube design, accentuated by the exquisite Triple Donut to Inline Perc arrangement. The Reinforced 5-Slit Inline Perc promises an unparalleled percolation experience, while the integrated Triple Donut design acts as both a diffuser and a splash guard, ensuring each draw is nothing short of perfection.

Experience the epitome of functionality and aesthetics with the Clear Triple Donut Inline Bong, as it comes complete with a matching Ben Wilson 14mm diffused martini bong slide, featuring a convenient handle for effortless enjoyment.

🔮 Triple Donut Mastery: Immerse in the art of smoke diffusion with the Triple Donut to Inline Perc design, guaranteeing a unique and mesmerizing smoking experience.

💨 Flawless Percolation: The Reinforced 5-Slit Inline Perc ensures each draw is smooth and exceptional, elevating your smoking sessions to new heights.

🌪️ Splash Guard Innovation: The Triple Donut design doubles as a splash guard, enhancing both diffusion and cleanliness for an unparalleled smoking encounter.

🌟 Elegant Comfort: The slender mouthpiece, coupled with the flared lip, not only adds to the aesthetics but also promises a comfortable and enjoyable smoking ritual.

🎈 Versatile Enjoyment: The included Clear Disc Screen Slide, with its 14mm Male joint size, provides versatility and ease of use, adapting to your preferences seamlessly.

🔬 Scientific Precision: Crafted with the utmost precision from scientific glass, this bong stands as a testament to quality and durability.

🇺🇸 California Craftsmanship: Handmade in California, U.S.A., this bong embodies the legacy of American craftsmanship and innovation.

Elevate your smoking journey with the Clear Triple Donut Inline Bong by B. Wilson Glass:

💨 Elevated Experience: The Triple Donut to Inline Perc arrangement guarantees a smoking encounter like no other, combining aesthetics and functionality.

🌀 Smooth Draws: The Reinforced 5-Slit Inline Perc ensures impeccable percolation, offering a draw that is smooth, flavorful, and captivating.

🎉 Innovative Design: The Triple Donut not only diffuses smoke but also prevents splashback, ensuring an enjoyable and hassle-free session.

🎨 Artful Aesthetics: The slender mouthpiece, the flared lip, and the sandblasted B. Wilson logo collectively transform this bong into a true work of art.

Experience the brilliance of craftsmanship and innovation with the Clear Triple Donut Inline Bong by B. Wilson Glass. Elevate your smoke, transform every draw, and make this bong an integral part of your collection.

    Added April 7, 2018