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SI Pipes - Thee Wicked Wizard Bubbler

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Introducing the SI Pipes "The Compact" Honeycomb Triple-Filtered Water Pipes – an artisanal creation that combines form and function in a masterpiece of smoking pleasure. Crafted individually by skilled glassblowers right here in the USA, these water pipes redefine your smoking experience with exceptional quality and thoughtful design.

Elevate your sessions with the ultimate smoking companion that boasts unparalleled benefits. Experience a cooler and cleaner inhale that ensures the true essence and potency of your medicine remain intact. Bid farewell to harshness and embrace a smoother, more enjoyable journey.

Each hand-blown piece features high-quality German joints and Simex or Schott glass tubing, guaranteeing durability and style. Whether you choose the Standard or Ultra-sized filters, you're in for an elevated experience that is second to none.

Unveil the Compact Bubbler's extraordinary features:

🌬️ Dual Filtration Tubes: Enjoy double the filtration power for an even purer hit.

🍯 Innovative Honeycomb Disc: The fixed downstem flaunts 6 perc holes, crowned by a honeycomb disc, designed to cradle activated virgin coconut carbon for an immaculate toke.

🌀 Filtered Honeycomb Funnel Slide: Elevate aesthetics with practicality – a combination that defines SI Pipes' commitment to excellence.

💨 Precision-Crafted Joints: The 18mm recessed joint ensures seamless connection, while the removable 18mm curved mouthpiece enhances comfort and style.

Finishing Touches: The Metal Keck Clip secures the experience, and the base diameter of 4.25 inches provides stability.

🌴 Activated Virgin Coconut Carbon: A bag of this magic ingredient accompanies every piece, enhancing your sessions with its remarkable filtration properties.

🌿 Organic Cotton: Elevate your smoking rituals with organic cotton, ensuring a cleaner and purer experience.

🔮 Thee Wicked Wizard Logo: A seal of authenticity and craftsmanship that signifies a smoking experience like no other.

🌟 California Craftsmanship: Proudly made in California, U.S.A., each piece encapsulates the essence of innovation and expertise.

Experience smoking perfection. Elevate your sessions with SI Pipes "The Compact." Are you ready to embark on a journey of flavor, potency, and elegance? Elevate your smoking rituals today!

    Added July 27, 2021