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The story of Chameleon Glass started on the road in the spring of 1991. Necessity being the mother of invention, a group of individuals with diverse talents found ways to utilize their skills to sustain themselves while traveling from one stop to another. Some were salespeople, some were skilled artists, and before they knew it, the nucleus of Chameleon Glass was formed. This group of individuals was primarily situated around Trinidad, CA, and although some have come and gone over the years, many of the original members are still part of Chameleon Glass, creating some of the finest glass tobacco accessories available.

Moving to Phoenix and Expanding

As Chameleon Glass gained popularity, the founders realized that there was a broader market for their products. They decided to move "the warehouse" to Phoenix and opened a small production shop to supplement the art glass being produced by the Trinidad clan. This move coincided with an interruption in the tour, providing them with extra time to focus on creating high-quality glass products. Since then, Chameleon Glass has grown significantly, with the craftsmanship of their shop maturing and the addition of skilled glass blowers from across the Northwest and Northeast. Currently, over 100 artists from 10 different states contribute to creating some of the most popular tobacco accessories in the market.

Current Status

Chameleon Glass takes pride in being a family-owned and operated manufacturer and distributor of top-quality glass tobacco accessories. Their products are designed and manufactured by some of the most talented glass blowers in the United States. With a keen eye on the future and leveraging their industry experience, Chameleon Glass has exciting projects in the pipeline to expand their already impressive glass portfolio.

Street Cred

Chameleon Glass is a respected player in the tobacco accessories industry, with a strong reputation and industry affiliations. They are a funded Small Business Administration (SBA) partner and a member of both the Retail Tobacco Dealers Association (RTDA) and the National Tobacco Outlet Association (NATO). Their products conform to the specifications and standards set by these organizations. In addition, Chameleon Glass offers community-specific tobacco accessories, including customization options such as cleaning hole deletions and plastic mouthpiece additions as per the requests of local retailers. Their comprehensive catalog showcases a wide selection of stock items that are immediately available, with most other items available in community standard form with just a 2-day notice.

Why Chameleon Glass?

Chameleon Glass stands out from the competition for several reasons. Firstly, they conduct rigorous quality control checks on every piece to ensure that defective glass and hidden imperfections are never delivered to their customers. They also check for functional superiority and aesthetic consistency to ensure that each piece not only looks good but also performs well. Secondly, Chameleon Glass takes pride in its innovation and creativity. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, they are known for being one of the most innovative production shops in the market. All of their pipes are 100% manufactured in the U.S., making them a supporter of American-made products. By choosing Chameleon Glass, customers can be assured of unique and innovative designs that support innovation in the industry.

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Chameleon Glass

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