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Cheap Bongs & Water Pipes

If you are in the market for a new cheap bong but don’t want to spend a lot, our selection of quality, affordable bongs have got you covered. All of our glass bongs in this section are $200 or under, including many Acrylic, Silicone, and Scientific brands.  We have Straight Tubes and Beakers available from glass artists like Boro Farm Glass, B. Wilson Glass, and Antidote Glass all for around $200 or less, and we offer Bubblers and Mini Bongs for $100 or under from artists such as HVY Glass, GRAV, and Diamond Glass.  If you prefer something a bit sturdier than glass, shop our wide variety of break resistance pieces from Graffix and Headway Acrylic or our Strong Silicone Adventurer Bongs. Investing in a cheap bong is the smart way to enjoy your flower with friends, during your outdoor sesh, or for use while traveling.
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