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PieceMaker - K9 Silicone Balloon Dog Bong

Choose Your Silicone Bong Color Kola Red
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Part of the innovative Kannimals series from Piecemaker Gear, the K9 Silicone Bong is not just another piece in your collection; it's a masterpiece, beautifully designed to resemble a balloon dog. This unique design transforms every smoking session into a visual treat and a conversation starter.

Why the K9 Silicone Bong Stands Out:

  • Unique Design: Disguised as a balloon dog, this bong is a show-stopper and a conversation piece, ensuring your smoking sessions are always visually captivating.
  • Quality Material: Crafted from food-grade, BPA-free silicone, this bong is safe, incredibly durable, and designed to last.
  • High-Performance: Featuring an unbreakable, removable downstem with HEX-TEK diffusion, this bong guarantees smooth, flavorful hits every time.
  • Glow in the Dark: The Yellow Dog variant boasts a glow-in-the-dark feature, adding a magical touch to your nighttime sessions.
  • Added Features include a hidden stash compartment in the front legs, a removable dog head for easy cleaning, and a reinforced stainless steel ring for enhanced durability.

Bong Specifications:

  • Material: Made from LFGB platinum-cured silicone, ensuring it's BPA-free and of premium quality.
  • Functional Design: The ergonomic carb hole ensures ease of use, while the stash compartment adds an element of surprise.
  • Size: Stands at a height of 7 inches with a dog length of 7 inches.
  • Brand Assurance: Features the authentic PieceMaker Gear Logo, assuring you of its quality and originality.

Elevate your smoking sessions with a dash of art and a splash of fun with the K9 Silicone Bong by Piecemaker. It's more than a bong; it's an experience waiting to be unveiled. Enjoy this exceptional piece's perfect blend of creativity, functionality, and quality.

    Added June 23, 2022