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Cheech - 7mm Classic Beaker Bong

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Discover the epitome of craftsmanship with the 7mm Classic Beaker Bong by Cheech Glass. Proudly standing as a testament to quality, this handblown water pipe is meticulously crafted from 7mm thick glass, ensuring durability and a premium feel. Its classic beaker design is beautifully complemented with a removable diffused downstem percolator, enhancing your smoking sessions with perfect diffusion.

The 14mm one-hole funnel bong bowl is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, thanks to the wide, roll stop handle. Elevate your experience further with three strategically placed ice pinches, ensuring cooled, smooth hits every time. It's not just a bong; it's a work of art that's affordably priced, making it an ideal daily companion for every enthusiast.

What sets Cheech Glass apart is not just their commitment to quality but also the official endorsement by the legendary Cheech Marin himself. Every piece comes adorned with the iconic gold Cheech logo, a stamp of authenticity and excellence.

With Aqua Lab Technologies, you're not just getting a product; you're investing in a piece of luxury. Our extensive collection from Cheech Glass ranges from dab rigs to diverse water pipes, ensuring there's something for every aficionado. Dive into our Official Cheech Glass collection, and let us deliver a masterpiece straight to your doorstep.

Key Features:

  • Classic Beaker Bong with Water Chamber
  • Premium 7mm Thick Glass Construction
  • Three Cooling Ice Notches
  • 14mm Flower Slide with Roll Stop Handle
  • Efficient 14/18mm Diffused Downstem
  • Approximate Height Options: 14 or 18 inches
  • Sturdy Base Diameter: 5 inches (Actual measurements may vary)
  • Iconic Gold Cheech Logo
  • Officially Licensed & Endorsed by Cheech Marin

Elevate your smoking sessions with unmatched quality and style. Experience the best with Cheech Glass.

    Added January 6, 2019