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Takoda Madrona Glass has created a game-changing accessory for dabbing enthusiasts - the Original Terp Screw. This must-have product is designed specifically for XL Terp Slurpers and is equipped with a Carb Cap Marble and a Terp Screw, which provides superior terpene vaporization.

The Terp Screw, a screw-shaped accessory, is easily inserted into a quartz banger, known as a Terp Slurper. Once inserted, the Terp Screw spins inside the Terp Slurper, allowing air to pass through and extract the full flavor of your concentrates.

Using the Terp Screw is a breeze. Gently insert it into the Terp Slurper while it's still cold, heat the Terp Slurper as usual, and the Terp Screw will rotate freely, dispersing the terpenes. After use, let the Terp Screw cool down below 100 degrees before cleaning. Simply soak it in Isopropyl Alcohol and wipe it clean for easy maintenance.

Experience the ultimate terpene extraction with the Original Terp Screw, an accessory that is perfect for any dabbing setup. Trust Takoda Madrona Glass to enhance your dabbing experience with this innovative product.

Terp Screw Features:

  • Original Terp Screw
  • One Carb Cap Marble
  • One Terp Screw
  • Made for XL Long Barrel size Terp Slurper
  • Premium boro glass
  • Handblown in Vermont, U.S.A.

Added March 16, 2023