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Dabbers are an essential part of enjoying your wax, oil, hash or shatter concentrates, the dabber or dab tool collects your cannabis concentrates before it is placed on your heated nail. Dab tools are available in titanium, stainless steel, glass or quartz options and in a variety of styles and sizes. A rounded or ballpoint tip dabber can be used to easily collect your shatter or other sticky and waxy oils, while a flat tip dabber is the most versatile, as it can easily scrape up your oil, wax, hash or shatter concentrates. A scooper or shovel style dabber tip is designed for those who want to load the biggest dabs possible. Worked and Heady glass dabbers are available in bright colors like the glass pencil from Sherbet, or the elaborately topped dabbers from Arty's Glass. Dank Dabber, Happy Daddy and Highly Educated all specialize in designing dabbers made from titanium, and they offer them in all different tip styles. Shop our wide option of Dabbers available at Aqua Lab Technologies today.
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