Titanium and Glass Concentrate Dabbers


Dabbers play a pivotal role in maximizing the enjoyment of your concentrates, be they wax, oil, hash, or shatter. Acting as the bridge between your selected concentrate and heated nail, the right dab tool is instrumental in crafting the perfect dabbing experience. From durable titanium, sleek stainless steel, pristine glass, and pure quartz, dab tools come in an array of materials and styles to cater to every enthusiast's preference.

Opt for a rounded or ballpoint tip dabber for an effortless collection of sticky waxes and shatters. The flat-tip dabber stands out for its versatility, handling oils, waxes, hashes, and shatters adeptly. If you're a fan of generous dabs, the scooper or shovel-style tip ensures you never miss a beat. For those seeking a touch of artistry, our collection boasts Worked and Heady glass dabbers in vibrant hues, like the exquisite glass pencil from Sherbet.


  1. What is the primary purpose of a dabber? A dabber is a tool used to collect and place cannabis concentrates onto a heated nail for consumption.

  2. Which dabber material is best for me? The choice depends on personal preference. Options include titanium, stainless steel, glass, and quartz, each with unique benefits.

  3. How do I choose between the different dabber tip styles? Rounded or ballpoint tips are ideal for sticky waxes and shatters. Flat tips offer versatility for various concentrates, while scooper or shovel-style tips are for those seeking generous dab amounts.

  4. Are there artistic dabber options available? Absolutely! We offer Worked and Heady glass dabbers in vivid colors, including the famous glass pencil from Sherbet.

  5. How do I maintain and clean my dabber? Regular cleaning with isopropyl alcohol can keep your dabber in optimal condition. Ensure you choose a cleaning method compatible with your dabber's material.

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