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Cone Artist

Cone Artist Spliff & Cone Rolling Tool

Be a true Cone Artist. Roll your own perfect cones, spliffs and blunts with this all-in-one cone rolling tool and your favorite rolling papers. Simply roll it up, fill it up, light it up and enjoy! This easy to use rolling machine makes the art of rolling a dutch style joint easy and fun. 

Cone Maker Features:

  • Roll perfect cones every time Simply roll, fill then enjoy Made of plastic Complete length: 5" Color: Orange Designed in Sweden Logo: Cone Artist
  • Instructions for the Perfect Spliff, Blunt or Cone:
  • Roll and insert the filter
  • Place rolling paper around Cone Artist body and roll a nice cone shape
  • Fill included funnel with herbs and tap content into cone
  • Pack and seal
  • Light up
  • Smoke & Enjoy

Added January 20, 2016