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Diamond - Worked Double Matrix Bong

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Introducing the exceptional Worked Double Matrix Perc Stemless Bongs from Diamond Glass, designed to deliver an unparalleled smoking experience. These bongs are the epitome of craftsmanship and functionality, offering a smoking journey like no other.

🌪️ Dual-Chamber Mastery: These bongs feature a dual-chamber design, housing not one, but two percs, ensuring your smoke is filtered and cooled to perfection. The splash-less water chamber guarantees a mess-free session.

💪 Built to Last: With a robust 18mm female joint that's reinforced for added durability, you can trust these bongs to stand the test of time.

🔥 Convenient Setup: An 18mm one-hole flower bowl with roll stops is included for your convenience, ensuring you're all set for your smoking ritual.

🎨 Stylish Accents: These bongs are not just about function; they're a work of art. The upper chamber perc is adorned with color, while the bong's lip, base, and joint feature stylish accents, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design.

🌀 Stemless and Splash-Less: The stemless, splash-less body design of these bongs makes them the perfect choice for daily use, ensuring a clean and enjoyable session every time.

🔮 High-Quality Boro Glass: Crafted from high-quality boro glass, these bongs are not just functional; they're built to last, providing you with a smoking companion that's both reliable and elegant.

🌈 Wig-Wag Worked Sections: The Wig-Wag Worked sections are a testament to the artistry behind these bongs, making them a stunning addition to your collection.

💎 Diamond Glass Logos: The Diamond Glass logos serve as a mark of authenticity and quality, ensuring you're getting a genuine piece of smoking art.

🚀 Stable Foundation: With a flared base for enhanced stability, these bongs stand approximately 16 inches tall and boast a base diameter of 4.5 inches, providing you with a commanding presence for an extraordinary smoking experience.

Actual measurements may vary, but rest assured, the quality and functionality remain consistent.

Elevate your smoking ritual to new heights with the Worked Double Matrix Perc Stemless Bongs from Diamond Glass. It's not just a bong; it's a work of art and craftsmanship. Secure yours today and experience the Diamond Glass difference!

    Added April 19, 2023