J-Red Glass

Jared of J-Red Glass is a native of Washington state and has been in the glass industry for over 15 years. Working with different glass techniques and styles over the years, he produces beautiful functional and non-functional art. He recently began experimenting with the quartz banger concentrate nail design and developed the revolutionary Diamond Knot. Diamond Knots quartz nails by J-Red Glass are the first domeless concentrate nails that do not require a carb cap. 100% American quartz Diamond Knots are designed for exceptional dab flavor and heat retention. Place your rosin, wax, or bho around the outer ring and let your dab drip down the cut fins. Diamond Knots are available with a regular, XL, or Triple Stack diamond knot head with male or female joints. His latest innovation is the Thermal Diamond Knot Pan and Bucket quartz banger nails, which feature the benefit of thermal heat retention, making them an ideal choice for low-temperature dabbing. 

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J-Red Glass

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J-Red Glass
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