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14mm Quartz Banger

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Elevate your dabbing experience with the Flat Top Quartz Banger from Accurate Glass - the ultimate addition to your setup. This banger offers affordability without compromising on quality, delivering a dabbing experience like no other.

🔥 Heat Retention Master: Featuring a 90-degree angle and a spacious, flat-top bucket, this banger is designed to expertly retain heat, resulting in flavorful, milky dabs that will redefine your experience.

👌 Versatile Size: Don't let the bucket size deter you. Regardless of the amount, this banger accommodates your dabs flawlessly. The large bucket also ensures increased airflow for smoother hits.

🌀 Compatible with Carb Caps: The flat top surface makes this quartz banger compatible with a variety of carb caps, giving you the freedom to enhance your dabbing experience as you please.

🔳 Quality Quartz Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision using thick quartz and a groundless joint, this banger guarantees durability and high performance.

🌟 Tailored to Your Setup: Available in a 14mm male joint size, this banger seamlessly integrates into your existing setup.

🔥 Powered by Butane: For optimal results, the Flat Top Quartz Banger requires the use of a butane torch. This ensures you're ready to experience the full potential of your dabs.

Introducing the Banger Features:

🔳 Quartz Banger: Crafted from premium quartz, this banger is built to last, offering exceptional heat resistance and performance.

🔲 Flat Top Bucket: The flat top bucket design is a game-changer, promoting efficient heat retention and delivering unparalleled flavor.

🍯 16mm Bucket Size: Regardless of your dab size, this banger has you covered, ensuring a consistent, enjoyable experience.

🔀 90-Degree Angle: The 90-degree angle ensures compatibility with a wide range of setups, making it versatile and functional.

🔳 Thick Quartz Construction: The use of thick quartz guarantees durability and reliable heat retention, promising a long-lasting banger.

🌀 Groundless Joint: The groundless joint design adds to the aesthetics while maintaining durability and functionality.

🔌 Butane Torch Requirement: To unleash the full potential of this banger, a butane torch is required, ensuring you're ready to experience exceptional dabs.

Upgrade your dabbing journey today with the Flat Top Quartz Banger from Accurate Glass. It's more than just a banger; it's a gateway to a new level of dabbing satisfaction. Get yours now and discover the difference that true quality can make.

    Added February 28, 2023

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