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Oil Slick - Orange & Blue Slick Balls

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The Slick Ball emerges as an innovative solution for storing concentrates, meticulously crafted from non-stick, medical-grade platinum-cured silicone. This product ingeniously splits into two halves, revealing a pliable, non-stick dish designed specifically for your concentrate needs. The design allows for an easy interaction with the concentrate; by gently squeezing and then releasing the flexible dish, users can effortlessly detach the concentrate from the container, thanks to its snap-back feature.

The Slick Ball is engineered to make the process of dabbing various concentrates, from crumbly budders to more fluid water extracts, as seamless and efficient as possible. It achieves this by ensuring that the concentrates adhere to the dabber tool rather than the container itself, thus significantly enhancing the user experience.

Key Features of the Concentrate Ball include:

  • Construction from non-stick, medical-grade platinum-cured silicone, ensuring durability and safety.
  • The design facilitates that dry or stable extracts stick to the dabber tool rather than the container, optimizing usability.
  • It boasts a generous capacity, capable of holding up to 14 grams of extract, catering to both casual and heavy users.
  • The inclusion of a Chronic Loc Closure ensures the contents remain secure and contained.
  • An airtight, shatterproof acrylic case, equipped with a silicone gasket, is provided to offer additional protection and preservation of the concentrate's quality.
  • Available in vibrant Orange and Blue colors, adding a touch of personal style to the user's collection.
  • The compact size of 2.75 inches makes it a convenient and portable option for users on the go.
  • This product is the result of meticulous design and research conducted in Washington, showcasing a commitment to quality and innovation.
  • Proudly made in Belgium, ensuring adherence to high manufacturing standards.

The Slick Ball stands out not only for its functional benefits but also for its thoughtful design and construction, making it an essential accessory for enthusiasts seeking a reliable and efficient concentrate storage solution.