Reyna Glass

Discover the enchanting world of Reyna Glass, the brainchild of the talented Reyna Rivera. Based in sunny Southern California, Reyna has been mastering the art of glass-blowing since 2012, crafting functional pieces that are a testament to her unparalleled creativity.

Why Choose Reyna Glass?

  • Signature Designs: Reyna's Heady Coconut Dab Rigs are a class apart. Designed to resemble a tropical drink in a coconut, complete with a glass straw mouthpiece and a matching umbrella dabber, it promises an experience akin to a tropical getaway.
  • Feminine Flair: Reyna's creations cater to the female market, bringing a refreshing touch to the glass industry.
  • Versatility: From heady dab rigs to intricate pendants, carb caps, and dabbers, Reyna Glass offers something for every enthusiast.
  • Renowned Legacy: Reyna's commitment to excellence is further solidified by her partnership with the esteemed glass artist Ben Wilson.

Experience the Reyna Glass Difference: Every piece from Reyna Glass blends passion, precision, and artistry. Whether you're looking for a unique dab rig or a statement pendant, Reyna's creations promise unmatched quality and design. Shop our curated collection of Reyna Glass pieces at Aqua Lab Technologies and elevate your glass collection with pieces that resonate with art and soul.

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Reyna Glass

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Reyna Glass - Heady Coconut Dab Rig

Reyna Glass
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