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Silicone Oil Rigs

The latest innovation within the wax and dabbing community is the creation of the Silicone Oil Rig.  Not too long after the concept of concentrates began to gain popularity, the need for a portable, stick-free container to store your wax inside arose. BPA Free & Food grade silicone has become a trusted answer for safely and securely storing your waxes, oils, and hashes on the go, or for at home use with silicone table pads. The obvious next step would be the recent invention of the Silicone Bong and Dab Rig; an easily storable, portable and indestructible smoke piece.  The benefits of a silicone rig or bong over standard glass are considerable; you’ll never have to worry about breaking or cracking your piece during use with friends or travel. Most of the silicone rigs and bongs come with suction cup footing to ensure a steady and firm grip while not in use. Aqua Lab’s selection of silicone rigs and water pipes also come with the necessary smoking accessories as well, whether it be a glass bowl and downstem for your bong or grade 2 titanium concentrate nail to complete your wax and oil rig setup.
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