Stink Sack

Since 2009, Stink Sack has been dedicated to providing reliable smell-safe storage solutions for your cannabis. With a wide range of sizes, quantities, and designs available, Stink Sack offers options to suit every storage need.

Crafted from polypropylene, a food-safe material commonly used in food containers and dishware, these bags ensure the highest level of safety for your cannabis. The bags are also laminated, creating an exceptional barrier against odor and moisture, keeping your stash fresh and discreet.

Stink Sack's innovative design features durable zippers and the strongest tear strength on the market, ensuring long-lasting use and maximum security for your precious herbs.

Browse our selection of Stink Sack smell-safe bags at Aqua Lab Technologies today and discover the perfect storage solution for your cannabis collection.

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Stink Sack

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Stink Sack - 10pk MasterKush Credit Card Bag

Stink Sack
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