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Accurate - Quartz Banger & Terp Pearl Set

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Introducing the Flat Top Quartz Banger with Terp Pearls from Accurate Glass – a game-changer in the world of dabbing. Designed for the discerning connoisseur, this banger combines meticulous craftsmanship with superior functionality, ensuring an unparalleled dabbing experience. Now enhanced with two 6mm Ruby Red Terp Pearls, your sessions are set to be more flavorful and efficient than ever.

Key Features:

  • Premium Quartz Construction: Crafted from high-quality quartz, this banger ensures durability and delivers a pure, untainted taste.

  • Flat Top Bucket Design: The expansive flat top bucket not only looks sleek but also maximizes heat retention, allowing for rich and flavorful dabs.

  • Generous 25mm Bucket Size: The large bucket size enhances airflow and efficiently vaporizes dabs of any size, while being compatible with a wide range of carb caps.

  • 90-Degree Angle: Designed for comfort, the 90-degree angle ensures a comfortable dabbing position and optimal vapor production.

  • 14mm Male Joint: This banger features a 14mm male joint, making it a versatile fit for various dab rig setups.

  • Enhanced with Ruby Red Terp Pearls: Includes two 6mm Ruby Red Terp Pearls for improved heat distribution and vaporization, elevating your dabbing experience.

  • Versatile Carb Cap Compatibility: Its design ensures seamless pairing with a myriad of carb caps, allowing for a customized dabbing setup.

  • Easy to Clean: The clear quartz construction not only looks elegant but also makes maintenance a breeze.

  • Butane Torch Required: Achieve the perfect temperature for vaporizing concentrates with a butane torch.

  • Ergonomic Design: The banger is designed for ease of use, ensuring a comfortable grip and effortless handling during your sessions.

The Flat Top Quartz Banger with Terp Pearls by Accurate Glass is not just a tool; it's an investment in a superior dabbing journey. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer to the dabbing scene, this banger is designed to deliver exceptional performance and enhance your sessions. Elevate your dabbing experience with this premium addition to your collection.

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Added November 28, 2023