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Acrylic Bong Bowls

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Enhance your smoking sessions with our versatile Bong Bowl Replacements, compatible with most Acrylic bongs, bubblers, and tubes. This replacement part fits snugly into the downstem of the Acrylic body, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

Quality Materials, Affordable Solution

Crafted from durable metal, our Bong Bowl Replacements offer a cost-effective and practical solution for your smoking needs. Enjoy the benefits of a sturdy and reliable bowl without breaking the bank.

Convenient Butterfly Clip Handle

Designed with a Graffix Butterfly Clip handle, these Bong Bowl Replacements provide a wide and sturdy grip, making it easy to use and handle during your smoking sessions.

Elevate Your Smoking Experience

Upgrade your Acrylic bong, bubbler, or tube with our Metal Funnel Bowl Replacements. Enhance the quality and enjoyment of your smoking experience with ease.

Replace and Enjoy

Don't let a damaged or worn-out bowl hinder your smoking pleasure. Replace it with our affordable and reliable Bong Bowl Replacements and keep the good times rolling.

Discover the convenience and practicality of our Bong Bowl Replacements. Elevate your smoking sessions and enjoy a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience today!

Bong Bowl Features:
  • Metal funnel bowl
  • Cheap replacement piece
  • Graffix has a Butterfly Clip handle

Added October 18, 2021