Adventures In Glass Blowing

AIGB - Pink Splatter Pipes

Pink Splatter Spoon Pipes By Adventures In Glass Blowing feature worked patterns that resembles paint splatter and has a classic spoon pipe shape. Each dry pipe has a perfect size flower bowl with carb hole on the side and a unique splatter pattern. AIGB worked hand pipes are handblown from quality borosilicate glass in Southern California by glass artist Dani Storm and would make a great addition to any smokers glass collection. 

Hand Pipe Features:

  • Mini spoon pipe design
  • Unique, splatter patterns
  • Push bowl with carb
  • Constricted mouthpiece
  • Quality boro glass
  • Approximate pipe length: 3.5 inches
  • Patterns may vary slightly from photo as each are handblown
  • Pink, white, purple, green and teal glass colors
  • Made in the USA

Added February 22, 2019