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Bee Line - 200ft Spool of Hemp Wick

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Introducing Beeline Hawaii's Organic Hemp Wick, a natural and healthier option for lighting up your smoking experience. Made from 100% organic hemp coated in organic beeswax, Beeline provides a clean flame ideal for lighting medicinal herbs, pipes, fine cigars, and hand-rolled tobacco cigarettes. This 200-foot spool of Beeline offers exceptional value, equivalent to over 22 individual books of traditional matches!

Key Features of Beeline Hemp Wick:

  • 100% Organic and Natural
  • A Sustainable Alternative to Butane Lighters
  • 200 Feet of Beeline Hemp String
  • Available in Original (7-strand) or Thick (13-strand) Gauge
  • Original: Ideal for standard use, providing a perfect flame for a flavorful smoking experience.
  • Thick: Burns longer and produces a robust flame, perfect for those seeking a more intense smoking session.
  • Designed in Hawaii and Made in Romania

Upgrade your smoking ritual with Beeline Organic Hemp Wick. Whether you prefer the standard gauge for its perfect flame or the thick gauge for a beefier burn, Beeline ensures a cleaner and tastier smoking experience every time.

Added on June 10, 2005