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B. Wilson - Mini Heady Inline Perc Recycler Bong

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Elevate your smoking experience with the exclusive Mini Heady Inline to Triple Doughnut Percolator Recycler Bong, meticulously handcrafted by the renowned Ben Wilson Glass. This masterpiece stands out with its heady glass hue, adorned with multiple eye-catching wig-wag line sections that showcase the pinnacle of glass artistry. A matching line beautifully complements the hollow foot base worked section, adding elegance to its mini straight tube design.

Engineered for superior functionality, this bong features a cutting-edge Inline Percolator leading to a Triple Donut Percolator, seamlessly connected by an external Recycling drain tube. The Reinforced 9-Slit Gridded Inline Percolator ensures optimal percolation, creating a smooth, filtered smoke that the Triple Donut Percolator further diffuses in the second chamber. This dual-chamber design enhances the filtration process and adds to the bong's visual allure as you watch the smoke whirl through its intricate pathways.

Completing this exquisite piece is a matching Ben Wilson 14mm disc screen bong slide, perfect for those who appreciate the finer details in their smoking apparatus. Whether you're a fan of dabs or traditional smoking herbs, this bong is versatile enough to meet all your needs, making it an excellent choice for both connoisseurs and daily users.

Product Highlights:

  • Unique, one-of-a-kind creation by Ben Wilson Glass
  • Double chamber design for enhanced smoke filtration
  • Heady glass colors with line work sections
  • Sleek mouthpiece with a bent neck and flared lip for comfortable use
  • Features Reinforced 9-Slit Gridded Inline and Triple Donut Percolator
  • Includes a matching 14mm Disc Screen bong slide
  • Bong dimensions: 11 inches in height, with a 4-inch hollow base diameter
  • 14mm ground female joint size, with the height to the top of the joint at 5 inches
  • Proudly handcrafted in Southern California, U.S.A., with a sandblasted Ben Wilson signature

Immerse yourself in the art of smoking with this stunning, functional piece of art that stands as a testament to Ben Wilson Glass's mastery in glassmaking. Add this remarkable bong to your collection and enjoy the perfect blend of beauty, craftsmanship, and performance.

Added April 11, 2024